terça-feira, 28 de março de 2017

The last one

Esta foi a última fotografia feita no âmbito do meu projecto “Old Fashion”, em 2010. No dia seguinte, um elemento vital a todo o processo avariou de forma irrecuperável. E a peça já não existe no fabricante.
No entanto, quanto foi feita a fotografia não sabia da situação. E publiquei-a, acompanhada deste texto, assim escrito para ser perceptível em fóruns internacionais onde participo e onde a língua portuguesa não é, sabemos, muito conhecida.

I’m sorry to say it, but this one wasn’t done with a Pentax. Neither with my LX or with my K100d or even with my K7.
As a matter of fact, it was done with the stuff of my wooden camera, the fake old one, the one I call “Old Fashion” or "A La Minuta".
A lady and her young son came to me and my camera were I stand, at the Jardim da Estrela, in Lisboa. We did another photo, printed and delivered as usual.
But we had already met several times before. And chatted a lot. The young guy, very young one, had this need to see with his own hands, as any other of that age. Increased with the familiarity with the situation. And didn’t stop trying to play with my camera. Which, obviously, was not build to be played like he wanted.
So, to have him quiet, I promise him that if he behaved properly I would let him make a photo as I do. We should keep our promises so he pressed the cable release!
That’s why I have this one, of my self, among all the others done by this strange photographer that stands alone in a park, offering photos to those who ask him to.
Why am I telling you all this and showing this photo? Well, because I’ll start tomorrow this year’s season there. And, believe me, I became addicted to this activity and I have been missing it since my last day there, last October.

Hurra for Spring and its good weather!

By me

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